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Does even he know what he’s talking about anymore? A notably gammon faced Danny Rampling is filmed in London talking about being a “sovereign person” – and he sounds pretty irate about it!

Yesterday, I woke up and my back was giving me a little bit of bother. It would play up whenever I attempted certain manoeuvres – something which frequently happens when you look after three small children. I ended up swerving cooking dinner by ordering food from the local Chinese takeaway.

My back is feeling better today, so I suspect I’ll be a bit more active. And that’s how my weekend is going as of this Sunday morning. All the same, I seem to be having a better weekend than Danny Rampling, who attended another protest in London yesterday. Nothing unusual there – but something did seem out of the ordinary, even by his standards.

An anti-fascist reporter called Marc Lister decided to head down there to see for himself what happens at these protests. And lo and behold, he bumped into none other than Danny Rampling – whose face looked distinctly rounder than in recent times and appeared almost gammon like in colour.

Here is his appearance in all its entirely absent glory…

Presumably Rampling means “sovereign” as an adjective – defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as “possessing supreme or ultimate power”. But questions over how he defines the word aside, am I the only one sensing he isn’t exactly happy to be asked to speak here?

Perhaps it was the weather – it was a not exactly warm 6°C with mostly cloudy skies in London yesterday. Or maybe it was the whispers going around amongst his fellow anti-vaxxers that Rampling had piled on the pounds which were bugging him.

The last word on this post goes to Louis Barfe, who simply said “As a club DJ in the 1990s, I trust Danny Rampling insisted on a full ingredients list for everything he guzzled or shoved up his not inconsiderable beak.”…

Nightclubs across the UK all reopen next week and vaccine passports are on their inevitable way out – so, when will Danny Rampling apologise after getting it so utterly wrong?

So it’s official. Nightclubs were closed last month in three of the UK’s four countries I response to the Omicron surge. At the time, the anti-vaxxers were foaming in the mouth and telling us the whole nation was about to go into a China style lockdown – where even leaving your house without permission was illegal.

Vaccine passports also came into force in England, having already been in place a few months earlier elsewhere. Now, Danny Rampling has been warning us for months now that vaccine passports were a form of apartheid, and that they would soon lead to other developments such as a social credit rating system as being developed in China.

But was he right? Well, England has announced they’re being scrapped from January 27th. Scotland is keeping them for the time being, but has dropped a plan to expand the scheme. Wales is hanging onto them, but is under increasing pressure from Tories and LibDems in the country to drop them – and Northern Ireland is scaling the programme down from January 26th.

So whilst they haven’t gone away entirely, the general direction is they’re basically on the way out. And I cannot for the life of me see the Tories, currently in the most mutinous mood they’ve been in years, agreeing to the introduction of a social credit rating system. Not exactly what the genius that isn’t Rampling has been saying.

As for nightclubs, England reopened theirs on July 19th last year and didn’t close them during the surge. Northern Ireland shut theirs on December 26th, Wales and Scotland closed them the next day. They reopen on January 24th in Scotland, January 26th in Northern Ireland and January 28th in Wales. In other words, they closed for between 4 and 5 weeks.

Yet again, Rampling has been proven wrong. Then again, it’s much of the story over the pandemic for him – especially given how the volte-face from his position in March 2020 appears to be conveniently ignored. Which just leaves one question.

When this blog gets something wrong, corrections and apologies are published acknowledging and rectifying the mistake. So when will we see your mea culpa, Mr Rampling? Over to you…

He’s still backing the loser! As Defected let Carl Craig loose on their weekly radio show, he plays not one, but TWO records from Derrick May in a petulant show of defiance…

You might have noticed this blog hasn’t published anything on Derrick May for the past few weeks. That’s mostly because there’s been nothing new to report. Sources on Detroit have been sending me rumours that the man himself contracted Covid-19 over Christmas, but I’m unable to confirm if this is true.

What I can say is his DJing diary is pretty much empty. Whilst the dance music world’s reaction to the sexual abuse allegations which surround him was muted, to say the least, many have responded by no longer booking him to appear – a pretty powerful response in itself.

What’s also clear is a small number of people continue to back him to the hilt, for varying reasons. But possibly the most baffling is Carl Craig’s continuing support. Quite why a winner who has actual talent backs a loser like Derrick May is something I’ve never been able to get to grips with.

And that support is pretty public. Last week, Defected announced that Craig had been confirmed to do a set at their festival in Croatia in August. As part of the deal, Craig was allowed to do a takeover of their popular radio show, which was broadcast on Friday.

Naturally, he’s featured a bit of Derrick May in his one hour set. But not once – twice. May features twice in the space of five records. And as far as I’m concerned, using probably the biggest platform in house music today to express support by playing two of his records is nothing short of an insult.

Not only is this the equivalent of Craig sticking up two fingers to all those who have come forward with harrowing stories of May’s alleged behaviour, it also raises major questions about Defected. What on earth were they thinking when Craig sent them this mix and they agreed to broadcast it in this form?

As the biggest label in house music, it’s inconceivable they’re not aware of the allegations surrounding May. I’ve also noticed that in the label’s recent love-in of Detroit, Derrick May was entirely absent from proceedings. So what possessed them to associate their strong brand name with a person whose reputation is frankly mud?

I’m not remotely surprised Craig has resorted to this – but I am extremely disappointed at the lack of judgement from Defected in allowing this to happen on their own very carefully choreographed platform…

In the middle of a Covid wave, Resident Advisor begin a series all about wellness and what ravers should eat – is this their idea of dance music culture that British taxpayers forked out £750k to save?

This blog is sometimes accused of not being very kind to the dance music press. And by and large, this charge is correct. I think many of them are largely staffed by middle-class types who failed their lifestyle magazine exam. Many of them also fail to cover the real issues which affect the dance music world – mostly because being out of touch means they don’t know what they are.

Easily the worst of the lot has to be Resident Advisor. This is essentially a ticketing company which masquerades as an online dance music magazine. Most articles on the website are designed to basically get you to buy something, usually from themselves – yet they somehow have the barefaced cheek to call themselves the voice of dance music culture.

And as I reported only recently, they’re absolutely shameless about helping out their own – editor Whitney Wei failing to declare that Caroline Whiteley was a colleague at previous employer Electronic Beats and is also a friend of hers was just the latest case in a long list. Make no mistake – Resident Advisor cares only about Resident Advisor.

In October 2020, they persuaded Arts Council England to spend £750,000 of British taxpayers money bailing out the company. A quick look at the accounts of the company – as this blog did recently – confirms Resident Advisor would almost certainly have gone bankrupt without this money.

So what’s happened at the company since then? The most noticeable changes include writing more things about Berlin than they used to – despite the company’s head office being based in London. The time stamps on their stories also suggest they’ve recruited a few writers from the USA to fill up their so-called news section. Oh, and they hired Whitney Wei from Electronic Beats to be their new editor-in-chief.

A source who worked at Electronic Beats when she was editor says of Wei that “Whitney is good at what she does, but she cares about some things more than others. The way she does things used to inspire the aspirational types like her, but irritated a lot of other people. She has a pretty high opinion of herself”.

Another person was, shall we say, less polite, saying “She’s a spoilt rich kid type. Look at her on Instagram, always posting about what clothes she’s bought today or what country she’s in this week. Good editors understand what their audiences want – and to be honest, Whitney doesn’t. Unless Resident Advisor’s audience is now largely socialite types in New York, of course.”.

Which brings me on to Resident Advisor’s latest wheeze. They’ve decided to spend January concentrating on the subject of wellness. As part of this, Wei herself has written another overly long article on the subject which again could do with some serious editing – as well as a piece talking about what clubbers should eat.

In the middle of a difficult period of the pandemic – with nightclubs shut across much of Europe, questions over DJs accepting gigs from events funded by highly dubious regimes, and questions over what the future holds for dance music – it speaks volumes that Resident Advisor has decided to concentrate on a campaign about keeping well.

A former Resident Advisor staffer despairs, telling me “This is complete b*****ks. If we’d have even mentioned this idea to the editors in the past, they’d have laughed at us. This is the sort of crap you’d expect to find in a lifestyle magazine. It just looks to me like jumping on a bandwagon.”.

No further comment…

People really shouldn’t bereave everything they read online! Not the best start to the week for Carl Craig after a website post falsely claiming he’s died goes viral – and a few people fell for it…

It was the US President Franklin Roosevelt’s secretary of state Cordell Hull who said “A lie will gallop halfway round the world before the truth has time to pull its breeches on”. He was referencing the fact whoever gets their side of a story out first is the one who’ll spread it the most – regardless of whether the story is true.

Yesterday, the world found out that Carl Craig died. However, more than one person called Carl Craig exists – and anyone rushing out to buy flowers for the deceased might at least want to check they’ve got the right person first.

It was the film and TV producer Carl Craig who died yesterday. Not the fifty something year old juvenile from Detroit of the same name. At the time of publication, he remains alive and very much not dead – especially if his stream of Instagram stories is anything to go by.

Final word on this matter goes to Michael James. He simply wrote “If there IS a bright side to this, I suppose it’s kinda cool knowing what picture they’re gonna use when you do depart this mortal plane”…

And to think someone got paid to write this! Billboard publish a piece about pop singer Billie Eilish’s hair – so what inspiration could the dance music press take from this article?

As someone who runs a blog with an average of five posts per weekday – slightly less on weekends – I do understand the pressure that people are under to keep the fresh content coming in. And whilst most days aren’t a problem for me, I won’t deny I get the odd day where stories are a bit thin on the ground.

Billboard appear to have had a similar day last week, deciding to commission someone to run an article about pop singer Billie Eilish. I don’t know much about her, other than she seems popular in certain quarters at the moment – but the specific subject of the article was what raised eyebrows.

It was all to do with the different hairstyles Eilish has had over the years – as if somehow a woman changing the style of her hair is somehow considered unusual. To the best of my knowledge, Billboard haven’t done a similar article about any men in music – but this gave me an idea, if not the mostly gormless staff in the dance music press these days.

For instance, Mixmag are currently running a story about some dismal new song Pete Tong has put out. What a wasted opportunity. Perhaps a more interesting article would have consisted of showing his past haircuts – along with a few others that don’t exist thanks to the wonders of computer technology.

Or Resident Advisor could invite Carl Craig to do an interview. After asking him to confirm that he definitely isn’t dead contrary to hoax reports online, they could publish a photo album showing all the various do-rags he uses despite having as much hair as a potato.

In the meantime, DJ Mag could respond with a 500-image collection of all the hats Louie Vega has worn over the years. Chicago’s 5 Magazine could ask Sterling Void to show them all the places where he used to buy crack rock. Defected could even run social media pieces asking what happened to boss Simon Dunmore’s hair.

Well, given most of them are shameless fans of clickbait, they might as well up the effort in their offerings…

That’s another one into the Danny Rampling bus! DJ Sneak outs himself as an anti-vaxxer – but is he just jumping on a bandwagon that some of his colleagues joined two years ago?

What would happen if you stuck all the anti-vaxxers in dance music on Danny Rampling’s Love Groove Dance Party bus? Aside from the rest of us hoping Rampling drives it straight into the Bermuda Triangle, there’s little doubt the bus would certainly be a noisy place.

Random stories about their careers would be punctuated with bad taste games where they’d come up with the ultimate DJ set to play in a busy intensive care ward full of Covid patients struggling to breathe. And now, Rampling’s fail bus has made its latest stop to pick up another passenger – DJ Sneak.

Here’s Sneak on Instagram getting into rows with his followers on his latest stance. And the argumentative Sneak – who claims he’s had the virus twice – from days gone by is very much present in the comments…

I have had my suspicions about Sneak for a while. Like a number of anti-vaxxer DJs in the USA, his touring schedule appears to be consist almost entirely of states which have, shall we say, more relaxed Covid restrictions. Whereas the state of New York – where only being double jabbed gets you into the clubs – have effectively rendered the anti-vax brigade as persona non grata.

Still, what I can’t help but wonder is, why now? Over the past few years, Sneak has kept himself out of arguments after a period when he was more well known for beefing than anyone else in house music. Is this just Sneak – real name Carlos Sosa – letting that side of his character out once again?

Perhaps his energies would be better focused on delivering on his promise to remove his music from the digital stores…

Don’t these parasites EVER take a day off? “Two big influencers” want singer Jamie Mathias at their wedding in the summer – and the cheapskate couple are “not really paying the suppliers”…

Regular readers might remember a post I did back in October last year involving Brighton based singer and songwriter Jamie Mathias. He’d been on Twitter detailing just some of the occasions he’d been asked to do performances for payment in that pernicious, deletrious modern currency of exposure. One of them even involved a man inviting Mathias to sleep with his wife!

Well, he’s back. Late last week, he revealed how “two big influencers” wanted him to play at their wedding this August in Ibiza. He’s currently refusing, perhaps honourably, to name and shame the parasite couple, deeming “I wouldn’t want to be responsible for leading to constant bullying and worse”.

Anyway, the couple say they’re “not really paying the suppliers. We’ll do promo posts and what we charge for promo is worth way more than any track”. Aren’t these “influencers” curious people? They charge through the nose for advertising through their Instagram profiles, yet refuse to put their hands in their pockets the way the rest of us have to.

Where I’m from, we address people like that as parasites – as well as a number of other less printable words. And whilst Mathias is refusing to disclose who the couple are, one thing is for certain.

Namely that tabloid newspaper journalists are going to be looking closely at any influencer couples who are getting married on August 16th this year. If that happens, the cheapskate duo could soon be wishing they’d just paid…