You might recall that a few weeks ago – on March 31st, to be precise – I wrote a post about Todd Terry’s official Facebook page being hacked.  Aside from pointing out that “Todd” wasn’t posting the usual content, I was terribly impressed with myself for working in no less than six different Todd Terry track titles into the article.

Well, it appears that the problem still remains five weeks later. The page stopped posting videos on April 4th and no further content of any kind has appeared. It’s not quite clear whether the hacker just got bored or if Facebook detected there was a problem with the page and froze it.

Curiously however, when you now search for the Todd Terry page on Facebook, he is now described as a “video creator”. Seeems to be just another day in the life of Todd Terry at this stage…

Alas, my two emails on the subject that have been sent to Mr Terry himself have received no response. And nor has he addressed this anywhere else on his social media. Never Give Up on getting your page back, Todd!

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.