Ever since I made a decision a few weeks ago to take this blog in a different direction, it’s become more popular in a short time than I ever expected – and I thank all my readers for it.

You might have noticed that I write about subjects that, to be frank, most of the mainstream dance press don’t bother with. Plague raves, Derrick May, personal matters with artists – it hurts their interests to write about such things. They’re inside the ecosystem they write about. I’m firmly on the outside.

As a result, I’ve started getting a lot of emails giving me details about other scandals, madness and sometimes just pure gossip. It’s humbling that so many are getting in touch, and I do try to follow up on everything – but I wanted to give you that little bit of extra assurance.

I have now signed up for an account with ProtonMail. This means you can email me in the usual absolute confidence – but with that extra bit of security on top that ensures no one else is going to be able to read it. You can email me from here if you do wish to avail of that.

Otherwise, my usual Gmail address remains available. I’m proud that this blog features stories that the mainstream press won’t touch, but I need your help to do it. Confidentiality and discretion are assured…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.