First of all, a comment on an incident at the weekend that I’ve only just learnt about. I understand that Sacha Lord was attacked whilst out with his partner on Saturday night. This is completely unacceptable. I hope they’re both feeling better now and that the perpetrator faces swift justice.

Yesterday, Mr Lord posted another message from the pulpit that is his Twitter account. Most of them follow much the same formula, and this one was no exception. Having lost his legal battle against the government, Lord is unrepentant that he wants everything opened up again as soon as possible.

If that’s the case, why won’t he use his platform to urge his followers to get the Covid vaccine? This is the best possible shot we’ve got at the moment to get back to normality. No, it doesn’t provide 100% protection – but no vaccine in existence does. This is how things like polio and smallpox were eliminated.

Yet Sacha Lord refuses to tell his 122,000 followers to get the jab when called up to do so. Why? His refusal to say so is, on the face of it, baffling. Every tweet he posts gets numerous responses. He has highly engaged followers who listen to what he says.

But amidst his tweets about reopening hospitality, you will not find one single word about getting the coronavirus vaccine. Nor will Lord say whether he has received the vaccine himself – and at the age of 49, he will have already been offered at least his first jab some weeks ago.

Look deeper into the responses his tweets get and you’ll find the answer. They’re filled with dingbats and loonies who think this is the start of some world government. Just look at these recent replies to a tweet of his.

There seem to be few worse things in life for Sacha Lord than upsetting his Twitter fans…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.