So, a quick update on this Sunday evening on a post from last night. Carl Craig was 52 years old yesterday and his birthday party was at the TV Lounge. And sure enough, a friend and source of mine was there!

He confirmed to me that Derrick May did do a set that night. He started playing between 8.30 and 9pm last night and his set went on for several hours. I understand that he’s getting a fee from Carl Craig for doing it, somewhere in the region of $5000.

And if you’d like video evidence that the man himself was present, Michael James has the footage over on Facebook. It really has to be seen to be believed, frankly.

Possibly more surprising, however, was the presence of Kyle J Dupuy, May’s solicitor for his abandoned legal action against Michael James. Infact, the two men actually had a chat after May finished his set. It’s unclear exactly what they talked about, but Dupuy had his arm around May at one point – suggesting that the topic of when Derrick May was going to pay his legal bill was not on the table…

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