The multi-millionaire Carl Craig wants YOU to remix his 1989 track “From Beyond” for free – and why couldn’t the cheapskate just ask his friends for a favour? (here’s looking at you, Mr May…)

DJs appear to have spent their pandemic doing a number of different things – and none are remotely interesting. Sasha spent it baking bread. John Digweed’s was so dull that he didn’t even bother to tell us what he did – and now we’ve found out what Carl Craig did.

In between bouts of trying not to talk about his police chief cousin, it seems he tidied up his studio. And the story goes he found the parts for “From Beyond”, which was one of the first records he put out all the way back in 1989. They’re now available to download on Loopcloud for the purpose of a remix contest taking place on the site now. Feel free to have a go yourself if that’s your kind of thing.

But I personally can’t help but wonder why a so-called visionary like Craig can’t just make something new, instead of rehashing 32 year old ground. Indeed, isn’t it curious how little new music all of the so-called originators of techno create? They seem to think they can just rely on stuff they made decades ago.

The other bit that grates here is Carl Craig can easily afford to pay for remixes. Craig is a multi-millionaire with a house worth over $700k. He could comfortably cough up some money for new perspectives on his old work – yet here he is choosing to waste the time of hundreds of producers who won’t be able to do anything with the versions they create. And all so he can save himself some money.

Curiously, a source who knows Craig reaches out to say “I was speechless when I saw this. Carl would never do a remix for nothing. He used to boast that he wouldn’t do any remix for less than four figures. If you’d have contacted Hagi [Craig, his manager and wife] and asked him to do a remix for nothing, she’d have told you to f*** off.”.

Perhaps if money is tight, he could, for example, send it to Derrick May? Rumours have circulated on and off since 1993 that he’s going to release new music soon, and given all the allegations surrounding him, it’s not like he’s got a great deal else to do.

It would be the perfect opportunity for May to demonstrate his self-declared mission of “saving the world from bad music”. Not to mention he could do some videos of him making the remix – proving he’s got skills in the studio and creating social media material. Heck, he could even demonstrate his theory that you can have different instruments playing in different keys on the same song.

Or is it the case that Craig knows his friends wouldn’t do anything for him unless it came with a hefty pay cheque? It’s a mystery…

James Craig is running to be the Republican governor of Michigan in 2022 – but with polls being incredibly tight, will a certain Carl Craig get stuck in and help his cousin swoop the top job?

Carl Craig’s social media feeds are a strange place. His Twitter page is locked, saying it’s for “members only”, though occasional rambling tweets do leak out. But his prime outlet is Instagram, where he frequently posts silly memes on his stories.

These stories clearly give us an insight into his sense of humour. But what they rarely do is provide a clue as to his views and opinions on the world. We know he thinks taking your Covid-19 vaccine is important – something which led to him and anti-vaxxer Derrick May having a row lately – but not much else.

One subject Carl Craig is especially reluctant to talk about is policing. Which may be explained by the fact James Craig has a long career in the police force and is now hoping to become the next governor of Michigan. Who is James Craig, you may ask? Only Carl Craig’s cousin, of course.

James Craig’s campaign to become the governor of Michigan isn’t going to be easy, by the looks of it. His background in policing – dating all the way back to 1977 – looks set to be used as an asset by supporters and as a baton to beat him over the head with by critics and movements such as Detroit Will Breathe. Here’s how the Detroit News covered an earlier appearance this week…

Polls indicate the race between Craig and incumbent Gretchen Whitmer is very tight – with typically only one or two points in it. So perhaps an appearance by a celebrity who can appeal to voters the Republican candidate in the city might struggle to reach on his own – that could be the boost the James Craig campaign needs to get him over the line, right?

I wonder if Carl Craig would be willing to help out his relative…

He lives in a $700k house in an affluent area and has a solid reputation in the dance music world – so why DOES Carl Craig continue to back a loser like Derrick May?

One ongoing mystery whilst I’ve been investigating Derrick May involves his friend Carl Craig, who has now effectively taken May under his wing. What is the relationship like between the two men? And why have the Craigs now decided to help May out? This isn’t an easy one to answer. Sources close to Carl Craig are an awful lot more discreet than sources close to Derrick May, I can tell you…

On paper, the story of Carl and Hagi Craig commands respect. They live in an area of Michigan called Grosse Point. Time was that black people weren’t allowed to live in this area, such were segregation laws in the state. So the fact that the couple live there is quite the big deal. And much of it is because Hagi believes in the talent that Carl has and makes sure he gets paid big money for it – and she’s no novice when it comes to business either.

Their house is currently worth around $700,000 – and it even has three bathrooms, and a garage with room for two vehicles. They’ve done nicely for themselves. So why have the couple seemingly decided to try and save Derrick May’s career? Once again, this is something that, on paper, they don’t need to do. The only thing sources have been able to tell me to date is that the Craigs are definitely not doing it just out of the goodness of their own hearts.

I also know that Derrick May’s personal relationship with Hagi Craig is difficult. As one source put it, “he respects her in a business sense, but he can’t stand her in other ways. She’s a very disciplined person, so Derrick not liking her wasn’t a surprise”.

There’s more questions than answers right now…

So, did Derrick May turn up last night at Carl Craig’s TV Lounge birthday party? He did a DJ set AND bumped into his lawyer – wonder what they talked about?

So, a quick update on this Sunday evening on a post from last night. Carl Craig was 52 years old yesterday and his birthday party was at the TV Lounge. And sure enough, a friend and source of mine was there!

He confirmed to me that Derrick May did do a set that night. He started playing between 8.30 and 9pm last night and his set went on for several hours. I understand that he’s getting a fee from Carl Craig for doing it, somewhere in the region of $5000.

And if you’d like video evidence that the man himself was present, Michael James has the footage over on Facebook. It really has to be seen to be believed, frankly.

Possibly more surprising, however, was the presence of Kyle J Dupuy, May’s solicitor for his abandoned legal action against Michael James. Infact, the two men actually had a chat after May finished his set. It’s unclear exactly what they talked about, but Dupuy had his arm around May at one point – suggesting that the topic of when Derrick May was going to pay his legal bill was not on the table…

Carl Craig’s birthday party is in Detroit tonight – but there’s only one question on everyone’s lips: will Derrick May show up?

It’s Carl Craig’s birthday today. Happy 52nd birthday to you, Mr Craig. At least you can tell the difference between a keyboard and a cucumber. A few weeks ago, I wrote that he was having a birthday party.

It’s at the TV Lounge in Detroit and it’s due to start at 2pm local time. Here in the UK, we’re about five hours behind – so it’s due to start in around an hour from now.

However, let’s all be honest. There’s just one question on people’s minds, and it isn’t what kind of birthday cake will Carl Craig get or whether they’ve hired a clown to do the entertainment bit. No one even especially cares about whether they get goodie bags full of sweets at the end.

Will Derrick May turn up? Without revealing any details, two of my sources are going to this party and have promised to let me know if Mayday does make an impromptu appearance. If he does, I’ll be sure to let you know…

As Derrick May’s appearance at Detroit Historical Society is cancelled, the question everyone’s asking – did he jump or was he pushed?

Back on Wednesday morning, I wrote a post about how Derrick May had been invited to speak at an event held by the prestigious Detroit Historical Society. Cue much horror at the revelation that this respected body was giving him any airtime at all.

I wrote an email alerting the society’s president, Elana Rugh, as to the many allegations that Derrick May is currently facing. Rugh responded by telling me I wasn’t the only person who’d been in touch over this and a response would be forthcoming soon.

Well, here it is. Derrick May will not be appearing at this event. I’ve been deluged by emails since the news broke, and I share in their joy that he has been denied this platform. However, one or two questions remain – and I’ll try to answer those here.

This is how the news was announced on Twitter by the society.

A press release sent to me by the society said this…

“Derrick [May] stepped back when it appeared that his presence would distract from the spirit of the celebration. This project and our exhibit, 2000/2020: Celebrating the 20 Years of the Electronic Music Festival in Detroit has been about the history of the festivals and the vibrant community that grew around them. We all agree that this history is bigger than one person and by stepping aside, Derrick ensures that the closing celebration will reflect that history and remain as vibrant and joyful as the festivals themselves.”

Tracy Irwin, Chief Exhibitions and Enrichment Officer

The real question, however, is did Derrick May jump or was he pushed?

A source from Detroit who knows both men tells me “Derrick was contacted by the Detroit Historical Society about this on Wednesday. He denied everything and spoke to Carl Craig afterwards. Carl was furious at people from outside Detroit getting involved in Detroit business.

The society didn’t explicitly tell Derrick he had to go, but in the end, he decided the only way to make this go away was to skip it. He wasn’t really given a choice. Truth is he’s saved everyone a lot of headaches – and I think Carl and Kevin will be glad not to have him there anyway”.

Draw your own conclusions…

The gangster mentality in house music – and why Detroit’s Carl Craig is the perfect example of this protectionist mindset

Carl Craig is upset. He’s not saying that in entirely straightforward terms, but that’s the message. The likes of Michael James, Annabel Ross, Ellie Flynn and others – not to mention myself – have been digging for months now, and it’s obviously getting under the skin of his friend.

Nothing else explains the current torrent of messages he’s pushing on social media that say “Real Detroiters don’t back down”. One includes the slightly disturbing caption that “people who ain’t from Detroit need to stay out of Detroit business” – as if he’s some kind of tinpot dictator.

I can only speak for myself here, but I’m afraid that your petulant, self-indulgent little tantrum isn’t going to work on me, Mr Craig. Following your absurd theory that people who aren’t from Detroit shouldn’t get involved in “Detroit business”, no one outside city limits should ever listen to any of your records.

For supposedly such an intelligent man, he fails to see how unbelievably stupid and self-defeating his argument really is. If his argument was applied across the board, he wouldn’t have been able to make a living out of music.

So, why is Craig resorting to these kinds of laughable arguments? Well, the answer is quite simple. It’s in house music’s DNA, even if no one is ever prepared to admit it – it’s the gangster mentality. It’s a combination of loyalty and tribalism, and Craig is deep into it.

To the likes of him, the likes of me writing about his friend Derrick May is the equivalent of finding out someone has been bullying one of your kids. Detroit to him is family – if you attack one of them, you attack all of them, in his mind.

This argument is occasionally understandable, if not somewhat misguided. In May’s case, however, his loyalty is nothing short of stupid. If Craig discovered that someone who wasn’t his friend had been accused of all these things, you can be absolutely assured that he wouldn’t be backing him in the way you speak up for someone who’s got into a little bit of trouble.

Well, I’m not remotely sorry if this bothers you, Mr Craig, but I won’t be stopping my investigations into Derrick May. It’s showing me the Detroit music scene in a new light. And an extremely unflattering one at that.

Frankly, the fact you’re reacting the way you are immediately tells me that there’s more going on. But I’m personally more curious about why the likes of Juan Atkins and Kevin Saunderson still haven’t said anything…

Carl Craig is having a birthday party in Detroit, but the million dollar question is – will he invite his friend Derrick May along?

Since I started digging into Derrick May, I’ve learnt a lot of things about the man that I’d rather I didn’t. But there’s one area in which my knowledge is still quite lacking – and even my sources in the USA who have helped me corroborate some of the information can’t quite describe it either.

What is the relationship between Derrick May and Carl Craig? From what I understand, May helped Carl Craig to get a number of his first remixes and effectively acted as his mentor in the early days. Sources tell me that their relationship is a bit father and son at times.

I’ll have more to publish on this soon. In the meantime, Carl Craig has just announced it’s his birthday on 22nd May. He’ll be 50 years old. And sure enough, Derrick May shared the news on his own page too.

As I understand it, it’s being held at the TV Lounge. Would this be the same TV Lounge who, back in January of this year, cancelled May’s appearance on a live stream event due to further allegations made against him in an Annabel Ross article?

Yes, it most certainly would. Let’s see how they respond when Craig inevitably invites his friend along.

Oh, and one other thing. According to Michael James, May is currently trying to dodge being served court papers for a lawsuit being brought by the mother of his child. They were originally filed on January 21st, but Derrick somehow still hasn’t received them.

Anyone in Detroit who fancies serving the papers directly to Derrick May might wish to head to 2548 Grand River Avenue a little before 2pm local time on May 22nd. Have a big lunch beforehand, as you could be in for a long wait. But he’ll show up.

Mr May won’t be able to resist the temptation…