The depressing litany of producers who were conned out of money continues to grow. Last week, I detailed how A Guy Called Gerald was deprived of money from “Voodoo Ray” and an EP he released for Rham! Records.

Now it appears that Jesse Saunders can add his name to the list. Back in 1986, he released a song with Farley Jackmaster Funk and Darryl Pandy called “Love Can’t Turn Around”. It initially came out in limited numbers on Farley’s House Records and was licensed in several countries – London Records had the UK licence.

Pete Tong was head of A&R at the time and licensed the song for an album called The House Sound Of Chicago Volume 1. It was later released as a single in its own right. But all was not well for Jesse Saunders. According to an interview he did with DMC World Magazine in 2014, he said…

“One thing I do need to mention is that the infamous Pete Tong, along with Farley and Rocky Jones did their best to keep me from collecting my Publishing royalties on that song. If it weren’t for my diligence and having the best lawyer in Chicago I would never have been able to collect them, albeit 12 years later.

I found it quite funny that my name was taken off of the London Records release, and I inquired directly to Pete with no answer. To this day, I have not received one pound on the sales of the London Records release and subsequent licenses from around the world. I call out to Pete Tong to explain himself.

Mr Saunders has been contacted for comment.

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