You might recall a few weeks ago, I wrote about a new single that Mutya Buena was featured on for garage label Upcycle Records. I wasn’t terribly nice, quoting something from that week’s edition of Popbitch.

Sure enough, I checked my messages last night on Instagram and I saw a request. It was from none other than Mutya Buena herself. She wrote…

Is the article rude? Quite possibly. Being polite is not particularly my job on this blog – it’s to scrutinise and ask questions that some people won’t like. So I have no issue with that claim.

However, notice the total lack of denial of anything from the article. Indeed, the libellous messages are still online now and aren’t difficult to find. It is also true that her promotion of the single is minimal to non-existent.

One can help but wonder whether Popbitch have had a similar complaint made against them. It just goes to show – you never know who might be reading your blog…

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