Recently, this blog ran an article by a plague rave DJ who’d got in touch to offer an explanation of why he’d been doing what he’d been doing. This was followed up the next day by an interview with the same DJ where I gave him a series of questions.

I have now heard from the agency of the DJ in question. The agency had advised the DJ not to speak to me, but have found out that he did. It’s not clear whether the DJ told his agency about this or whether they found out through other channels, but the effect is much the same.

They sent me an email over the weekend demanding that both of the articles are removed immediately. They’re also insistent that I publish an apology and make an offer of financial compensation for the harm done to their DJ and the agency themselves – oh, and I have to sign a gagging order too.

None of the above is going to happen. Here’s why.

Their email fails to point out that at no stage was the DJ named. Indeed, I purposefully removed one section of what he’d written for publication for this very reason. I also have no complaints whatsoever from the DJ in question about how he was treated, nor about how the article was subsequently presented. The agency was also not named.

Respectfully however, I offer this piece of advice. Namely, sack the idiot who thought emailing me was a good idea. They appear not to realise that, if I were to issue a public apology, I would have to publish whom the apology was for – thus exposing them as an agency with an utterly carefree, reckless attitude towards plague raves and human life during a pandemic.

It would also defeat the purpose of any gagging order when the information was already out in the public domain because of an apology your Mickey Mouse lawyer is demanding.

So, in conclusion – kindly stick your email and its ludicrous list of “demands” firmly up your arse. Thank you.

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.

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