I sometimes wonder what it is that our journalists do all day. Communicating information in a clear and concise manner that provides all the facts doesn’t seem to be it. Hence why no journalist has bothered trying to explain the answer to this question.

Those of you in the UK no doubt know by now that June 21st is the day that England hopes to remove almost all Covid restrictions that remain in place. No one ever asks why the other three countries of the UK don’t have such an arbitrary target. And nor do they ask why can’t the government commit to it now.

The reason is simple. According to Professor Iain Buchan at the University of Liverpool, it’s because they haven’t got the information in yet…

“We will crunch the numbers and deliver a draft report that goes first to Government in May, then fuller public reports come after 11th June.”

So the full report isn’t even in the hands of the government yet, let alone anyone else. All they have is a draft copy, subject to change. Now can everyone stop falling for the hysteria? The report won’t be in for another ten days, at least…

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