It’s been a difficult 15 months or so for the events industry. Things came to a halt very quickly last March as everyone started to finally realise the severity of the situation – even Danny Rampling believed it at the time.

Which is why so many are hoping that this summer will bring back some kind of normality. Pretty much all the big festivals are trying to do an event this summer, and the last thing they need is more lockdowns or onerous restrictions on entering other countries.

And I’m told the restrictions are providing a real headache at Defected HQ, where they’re hoping to do their annual trip out to Croatia in August. The first of those problems is that travelling into Croatia for a holiday is not strictly legal at the moment – Croatia is designated an amber country by the UK government for English travellers. Those elsewhere in the UK are merely strongly discouraged.

Next, they need a negative PCR test in order to be allowed entry. This is no more than 48 hours ahead of departure – and you have to pay for that test yourself. For example, Boots charges £99 per test.

And whilst there are currently no quarantine requirements for UK travellers to Croatia, you do have to self-isolate for 10 days after returning to Blighty. That particular rule is UK wide.

An insider tells me that Defected are pretty confident the event will still go ahead in August, but that they are concerned that some ticket holders will demand refunds when they realise how much is involved. Their own terms and conditions don’t permit it – but something of a headache for staff all the same…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.