The last time I wrote about Nervous Records and their rather dubious 1970s style of advertising, they had possibly the most risqué post yet. And I pulled no punches in my criticism at the time.

Since then, those posts seem to have disappeared from the Nervous feeds. They haven’t appeared in any posts for over the past fortnight, nor can they be seen on their stories across all platforms. Recent material has focused largely on new releases and nights out – after New York removed all restrictions on the opening of nightclubs in the city – but only if you’ve had your jabs.

So, what’s going on? A source tells me “The truth is that Mike [Weiss, the man who runs Nervous] hasn’t been happy with these ads for a while. There were other people around him pushing to keep them in place. Now that clubland’s open again, he’s used that as a cover to start phasing them out.”.

Only time will tell how successful Weiss will be in that mission…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.