On the week that the A14 dual carriageway was closed due to a crash that caused a lorry to spill tomatoes all over the road, I go through the records that’ll help you mop up on your streams and your dancefloors.

Steven Stone & Andrea Love – Moon And Stars (Soul Deluxe)
I know next to nothing about Deep Soul Syndicate. The name comes up occasionally, but I don’t remember featuring them much in this column. Maybe I should change that fact, because this is very good indeed. It’s an old fashioned soulful house record with someone going crazy on the Hammond occasionally. And why not, eh?

Dave Anthony & Carla Prather – There Will Be A Way (Newtown)
I’ve never understood why some releases feature an original and a club mix. Aren’t house records traditionally aimed at the club, anyway? But I digress. Carla Prather puts in the usual brilliant performance on this, and out of the two mixes, the Club Vocal is probably my pick. It’s just a little more fun for my tastes.

Andre Espeut & Julian Sanza – Crazy Love (No Fuss)
Here’s a decent little find on a week where things are thin on the ground. The original shows potential, as does the more bouncy remix provided by The Journey Men. However, I can’t help but get the feeling that this isn’t a track that’s reached its full potential yet.

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