So it’s finally happened. Mixmag have not only made a reference to plague raves, but they’ve even asked a DJ a question about it. Praise be? Not exactly.

Paddy Edrich got to interview Yousef the other day – presumably Mixmag’s award for covering the Liverpool test event at Circus in the most glowing terms possible. Amidst the usual questions about the results, and the tedious obsession with June 21st, he asked whether criticism of Sven Väth’s appearance was justified.

Yousef’s answer?

“Firstly, they were all UK residents. Secondly we wanted a range of people who represent the full footprint of electronic music in 2021, and come from a range of walks of life. We obviously wanted some big headline names, so for example, Fatboy Slim asked us if he could play. It was just a range of faces that have represented CIRCUS over the years and will represent us going forward as well.”

In other words, Yousef skirted the question entirely. And I very much doubt that Paddy Edrich will be getting to do the next big interview if he’s got the temerity to ask questions readers might actually want answers to.

However, a point. Who was making this criticism of Väth touring India just before a massive surge in coronavirus cases? It was the likes of Clashed Magazine and this blog that led the way.

It wasn’t Mixmag. They made no reference whatsoever to his plague rave appearances. It appears that gaslighting their own readers is a perfectly acceptable tactic for making sure Väth and his team don’t blacklist them. This pathetic attempt to rewrite history is fooling nobody…

By The Editor

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