There’s something weird in English water at the moment. I say specifically English, because – although there are signs of it in the UK’s Celtic nations too – people are starting to go a little bit crazy. Having various states of lockdown over the past 15 months is doing weird things to minds.

The Euro 2020 championship, delayed by a year due to the pandemic, gets underway today. Cue newspapers enthusiastically shouting “it’s coming home” until it doesn’t. In addition to that, there’s the government’s plan to relax Covid restrictions on June 21st, removing almost all of them completely. A decision on this is due on Monday.

In the meantime, professional attention seeker Andrew Lloyd Webber is claiming that he’ll open his theatres with no restrictions in place on June 25th, whether the changes go ahead or not. Need I remind him that he infamously promised to leave the UK if Labour won the General Election of 1997? He never carried out his threat.

Elsewhere, Sacha Lord talks about “bringing leaders and trade associations of the most affected sectors together” without particularly explaining what they would actually do in the event of a delay. And City AM even ran a report some clubs across England were planning on going rogue if June 21st didn’t happen on time.

Could the government arrest them all if they openly defied the regulations in place? No, they couldn’t. Could this be used against them when it was time to get new licences for their various premises? You absolutely bet it could.

Calm the heck down, everyone. This can’t be good for your health – and NHS waiting lists are pretty high right now…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.

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