Yesterday, the Night Time Industries Association were working overtime to parrot their message, and many frustrated musicians shared it willingly. One of those who did so was Solardo, the Mancunian DJ duo of Mark Richards and James Elliot, who tweeted this…

Does the name sound familiar? Regular readers might be aware that the duo was booked to appear at the Parklife Festival by their friend Sacha Lord, another one of this blog’s favourite piñatas. They have previously done at least a couple of plague raves during the pandemic.

Yesterday, they published this shameful proposition on their Instagram stories.

Casting aside the choice of song they played with the story – featuring Erick Morillo the dead rapist – I thought I’d speak to a promoter in the city who knows the duo. He was pretty forthright.

He said “What a pair of w***ers. It’s precisely this kind of s**t that’s meant clubs have been closed for 15 months and now have at least 4 more weeks to add to that. Still, wouldn’t be the first illegal rave they’ve been at, would it?”.

And I absolutely guarantee you will not hear one single word in the likes of Mixmag condemning this as the appalling idea that it is…

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