The fundraiser to save French nightclub Djoon is not going all that well, unfortunately. With only 5 days to go, they’re at 51% of their €50,000 target. Even a push from club favourite Terrence Parker hasn’t got it over the line.

It’s an all or nothing project, so they get either get the €50,000 they wanted to raise or they get nothing. You can send your donation here if you’d like, but one question remains – how much money did Terrence give? The website doesn’t say.

A source who has been helping me out with the Derrick May investigation was also able to provide some insight into this. He said “God only knows where Terrence got the money to pay. It can’t have been much. He’s been complaining for months now that he’s broke – even the remix work has dried up of late.”.

The mystery remains…

By The Editor

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