“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”: the Bible verse whom Terrence Parker quotes on social media – but what’s Christian about refusing to pay back money earned dishonestly?

If there’s one thing which drives me mad more than anything else, it’s hypocrisy. People who say one thing yet do something quite different themselves. And I particularly despise it when they use the banner of religion – or should that be misuse it? – in order to cover their tracks when they do it.

Enter stage left Terrence Parker. Now, there’s little disputing that Parker has a huge amount of talent. His DJing skills are quite exemplary and have been since he emerged from Detroit in the 1980s. He also understands that as a DJ, you need to stand out above the rest – DJing using a modified telephone instead of headphones has always been his way of doing it – and it also helps he’s made some fantastic records over the years.

Terrence Parker is also quite a religious man. Many of his records, with all those piano and organs, have something of a gospel feel about them – and I don’t deny some of his music is positively infectious. Religious messages frequently appear on his tracks, and the song titles themselves often also have some kind of religious reference in them.

And I must emphasise at this point that if religion is something which helps you in your life, that’s excellent. Anything which helps build up character, make you stronger and see you through the tough times in life is a good thing. But when you declare yourself publicly to be a religious person, it inevitably means that people will start to ask whether how you live matches up with your publicly stated views.

On the biography on his official Facebook page, Terrence Parker simply states Philippians 4:13. On checking the Bible, that verse reads “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. Does this include scamming people by taking cash in advance for gigs and never turning up to do the work?

This is an allegation which Parker has ran away from for many years. Indeed, he has only ever acknowledged the numerous claims against him once, back in 2019. He posted this…

No update has ever been posted on how he’s getting on. Indeed, when this blog first wrote about the subject, Parker responded by blocking this blog’s Twitter account – as if that would somehow make the difficult questions disappear.

I decided last night to ask one of the people to whom Parker remains indebted to several years after taking the money and not doing the work – what did he think of this flashing of religious credentials? After I agreed to his condition of anonymity, he replied with “If this c**t seriously thinks he follows the teachings of the Bible, he’s even more barking than I first thought”.


And people accuse me of publishing any old rubbish! Mixmag run an article on Nile Rodgers being a fan of a Liverpool canal – so what could they decide to print next?

So what was the most important news story of the week? Was it Nicki Minaj saying the Covid jab gave her cousin a bad case of swollen testicles? The authorities in Trinidad and Tobago went through their files and sure enough, it turned out the story was a load of balls.

No, it has to be this belter from Mixmag magazine. Admittedly, it’s not quite up there with their recent scoop about Priti Patel using dodgy numbers to justify Covid restrictions, but it’s still a good one – it’s about how Nile Rodgers has fallen in love with a canal in Liverpool. And people accuse me of writing any old rubbish…

Perhaps next week, we could have an article where Low Steppa takes some Mixmag journalist around the streets of Birmingham to show us his favourite drains? Maybe we can have an extended piece all about Defected boss Simon Dunmore’s favourite steak restaurants in London – we already know he likes his meat!

The following week, how about a feature where Posthuman shows us his favourite shopping trolleys and reveals what he does when he encounters one with a squeaky wheel? Or maybe we could have a read about Judge Jules and his favourite pie shop in Wigan?

The series could even go Stateside. Sterling Void could show us his favourite crack dens. DJ Sneak could tell us about how he’s fallen in love with a tree whilst over in Detroit, Terrence Parker could tell us about the time he accidentally deleted his piano preset on his computer.

Carl Cox’s favourite roadsigns is the one I’m really looking forward to, though…

And they say I don’t publish good news! Djoon WILL keep dancing after fundraiser target is reached just in the nick of time – but how much Terrence Parker paid in remains a mystery…

Congratulations are due to French nightclub Djoon, who have successfully reached their €50,000 target – on the very last day of the fundraiser. Goodness knows how nervous the club’s owners and staff were on Wednesday, but I’m pleased to see the club has been saved for now.

Sadly, it remains a mystery – and quite possibly will forever – how much Terrence Parker donated to the fund. The only clue for this particular riddle comes from someone who has worked with Parkee many times, who was recently in touch with this blog after I started writing about the so-called Telephone Man.

When I asked this question, he just said “Terrence is a pretty good guy, I’ve always found him straight in his business, but he is a tight f***ing skinflint, no doubt about it. He’s the sort that would disappear when it was time to get a round in, you know?”.


As Djoon extends its fundraiser, a suggestion on who could chip in some money – and no, I’m not talking about you, Terrence Parker…

French nightclub Djoon have a fundraiser on at the moment, and having realised they had zero chance of reaching their €50,000 target by the original end date of today – not unless Terrence Parker stumped up some more money, anyway – they’ve extended the date.

You’ve now got until the end of the month to pay into the piggy bank, and a second blaze of publicity has pushed them up to €27,279 at the time of writing. Amidst the pack was Resident Advisor, who have developed a habit of late of urging other people to spend their money whilst they behave like that person who scuttles off to the toilet when it’s their round in the pub.

Couldn’t they help out by putting some money into the fund? After all, numerous actual clubs were refused money by Arts Council England whilst a website that writes reviews of music – badly – and makes money off plague raves gets £750k…

Djoon fundraiser that Terrence Parker pushed is barely halfway towards its target with 5 days to go – but still no word on how much money the man himself donated

The fundraiser to save French nightclub Djoon is not going all that well, unfortunately. With only 5 days to go, they’re at 51% of their €50,000 target. Even a push from club favourite Terrence Parker hasn’t got it over the line.

It’s an all or nothing project, so they get either get the €50,000 they wanted to raise or they get nothing. You can send your donation here if you’d like, but one question remains – how much money did Terrence give? The website doesn’t say.

A source who has been helping me out with the Derrick May investigation was also able to provide some insight into this. He said “God only knows where Terrence got the money to pay. It can’t have been much. He’s been complaining for months now that he’s broke – even the remix work has dried up of late.”.

The mystery remains…

Was it something I said? Terrence Parker blocks this blog’s Twitter page – instead of responding to persistent allegations he owes money for gigs he didn’t do

A lesson that a journalist friend of mine gave me lately was that silence does count as a response. On the face of it, this sounds bizarre. How is saying nothing a reply?

It’s simple. Keeping quiet about something is a choice. If I ask you a question, you can choose whether to answer it or not. You can also choose your own words and your own content for your reply. Either way, silence is still a response – and often a very telling one.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about Terrence Parker sharing a fundraiser for his favourite French club, Djoon. This got on my nerves, because I know that Parker owes money to people for gigs that he’s been booked for, but not turned up to do. So I decided to ask a question – has he paid back his debtors yet?

He was contacted ahead of publication, like many of the people written about on this blog are. He didn’t reply. I note, however, that he chose to block the Amateur At Play’s House Twitter account. And all this counts as Parker’s response.

Instead of denying the allegations or confirming them, he’s chosen to ignore them. That makes him a pretty unworthy person, in my opinion – and makes it more likely he’ll get written about again in the future.

His response competes unfavourably with Sugababes member Mutya Buena, who complained about a post s few weeks ago. Did her response answer my criticism in any way? Nope. But we had a discussion about it. She had the courage to approach me on the subject. Parker ducked the chance.

But as society reopens again as this pandemic starts to recede, these questions will only get louder and louder if he tries the same tricks again. And I’ll be there watching…

French nightclub Djoon launch a remix contest of an old Kenny Bobien song – but which memory would the soulful singer prefer to forget?

I recently wrote about how Djoon, the French nightclub, is trying to raise money to remain open. Their fundraiser is going okay at the moment, having raised some 40% of the €50,000 target so far. And to generate a bit more engagement with the club, they’ve teamed up with Traxsource to run a remix contest.

You’ve got until June 20th if you want to try this one. The stems are here, and you need to email it back to Djoon by the date. It’s a track they put out with Kenny Bobien in 2010.

Personally, I’m just surprised they didn’t ask Terrence Parker for one. He shared the fundraiser a while ago, although I was more curious to find out whether Parker had paid back the money he owed various people…

As for Kenny Bobien, this song came out in happier times. Only three years later, American TV viewers were surprised to discover Bobien on the Stateside version of the now defunct Jeremy Kyle show – then immersed in a dispute with Stephanie Cooke…

Here’s some footage someone filmed off their telly…

Not your finest hour, Mr Bobien.

Update: It was actually Stephanie Cooke in this video, not Su Su Bobien. Apologies for the error.

Whilst Detroit DJ Terrence Parker begs fans to save his favourite club Djoon, a straightforward question – did Parker ever pay back all the people that HE owed money to?

I see that Terrence Parker has been on social media, helping spread the message that his favourite club needs money to continue operating. The fundraiser for Paris based Djoon is aiming to raise $50,000 and has another 36 days to reach its target.

Parker has made a donation, according to the website running the fundraiser – but sadly, this particular site doesn’t tell us how much. Although perhaps it’s just as well for Parker’s sake that this figure is cloaked in secrecy – his personal finances are equally as murky.

Rumours persisted for years that Parker was accepting gigs, taking the money, not turning up and then refusing to provide refunds. So much so that in 2014, Leeds promoter Donald Keys organised a fundraiser so that he could sue the man himself – Parker only acknowledged the allegations in 2019, posting this on his social media…

So, has Terrence Parker paid back the people whom he owes money to? I got in touch with Donald Keys to see if he got his money back? The answer was “no, he never repaid me”.

How many others are out there? A few other people who were cheated out of money have been contacted and I’ll write some more once I have some replies. Should be interesting…