Congratulations are due to French nightclub Djoon, who have successfully reached their €50,000 target – on the very last day of the fundraiser. Goodness knows how nervous the club’s owners and staff were on Wednesday, but I’m pleased to see the club has been saved for now.

Sadly, it remains a mystery – and quite possibly will forever – how much Terrence Parker donated to the fund. The only clue for this particular riddle comes from someone who has worked with Parkee many times, who was recently in touch with this blog after I started writing about the so-called Telephone Man.

When I asked this question, he just said “Terrence is a pretty good guy, I’ve always found him straight in his business, but he is a tight f***ing skinflint, no doubt about it. He’s the sort that would disappear when it was time to get a round in, you know?”.


By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.