Before I start this post, I’d like to make an apology to Derrick May himself. Yes, I kid you not. You see, Wednesday’s post had a factual error in it when first published. It turns out that none of the gigs mentioned were for May – they were for a band called Mayday. Apologies for leading you to believe you actually had some gigs lined up, Derrick!

Anyway, down to business. Word reaches me this week that all is not well in the Detroit scene once again. Infighting continues at a frenetic pace – Stacey Pullen making his presence felt around Michael James did not go unnoticed. And it appears I’ve upset some of the old guard by revealing Derrick May’s pay.

A source tells me “They’re not exactly upset with your blog revealing it. It’s more that they look at it and think ‘what the f**k, man?’. They’re already fighting and this is just another hornet’s nest in the mix.”

Amidst all this, I’m hearing whispers that May has gone off his plan to move to Greece to be with his girlfriend Sofia Tsagaraki. Says another source “Derrick keeps saying it’s his friends in Detroit that have helped him in the past year. I think the move might be off – he hasn’t said anything on the subject for a long time”.

The frustration is clearly getting to Tsagaraki. Yesterday, she posted this on her Instagram stories…

There may be trouble ahead…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.