A few weeks ago, Save Our Scene UK held an event in London. It wasn’t exactly a protest, nor was it intended to specifically raise awareness of anything. It was more of a giant plague rave, as the Secret DJ put it – and with police permission to take place, as they didn’t fancy explaining to the company who they loaned DJ equivalent from why they couldn’t give it back afterwards.

Anyway, now that English nightclubs have been told they can reopen next week to spread joy, happiness and the Delta variant, I wrote an article last week pointing out what was happening elsewhere in the UK – and noting that Save Our Scene had gone quiet since.

Well, someone obviously took notice. Because yesterday, they posted this…

Does that mean Save Our Scene are going north of the border in the near future? I can’t help but wonder how Police Scotland will respond when a bunch of posh Londoners turn up saying they want to hold a rave in Glasgow or Edinburgh. I somehow can’t imagine it being too well received.

Will Judge Jules turn up to give another less than rousing speech? Given that Amanda, who’s apparently become a Stepford wife, is happy about her man being back at work, he’s unlikely to care now. Perhaps Hannah Wants will fancy having a go instead?

Or will they not bother? After all, persuading someone at Resident Advisor and the other dance music press to fork out for train tickets from London to Scotland – and probably on a Sunday too – isn’t going to be easy…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.