Something terribly strange happens to dance music DJs once they leave BBC Radio 1. They’re never quite themselves afterwards. Just look at poor Danny Rampling. He used to be an okay-ish DJ on the radio who appeared in lots of clubs.

Now, he’s just a sad man who spends his entire days posting nonsense theories about coronavirus and anything else. When you see the state of him, it’s no wonder Pete Tong is hanging on for dear life to his job.

Judge Jules has mercifully not followed quite the same path. Instead, he has developed a reputation as a guy who will do a DJ set pretty much anywhere. And having looked his company – Judge Jules Limited – up on Companies House, I can see why.

As of April 2020, the firm had made a loss of £14,189. That’s almost certainly got worse during the pandemic, and given that his wife is employed as a secretary by the company, that’s a problem!

This is something that Amanda herself appears to be acutely aware of. Posting on her personal Facebook page on Wednesday, she commented “Nightclubs open from July 19th… finally it’s OVER!”. When a follower took issue with this comment noting the pandemic was not “over”, as she put it, she responded with this… 

I suppose it’s just as well that the couple are probably double jabbed by now – Jules is 54. Amanda is more secretive about her age, but the aforementioned Companies House reveals she was born in June 1973, which means she’s now 48.

Unless, of course, Amanda is an anti-vaxxer – the fact she liked a comment from someone who said “carry on bed wetting if you want and let the rest of us crack on” does not instill confidence. The account’s name doesn’t either – Vera Duckworth, who is a long dead fictional character on Coronation Street.

With that kind of track record, you might want to stick to a subject you know something about, Amanda…

And on that note, today’s blog is done. I’m off to watch the England v Italy game on the telly. Back tomorrow…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.