Hannah Wants gets very ratty with people who suggest that her views are motivated by money. When someone claimed her stance on lockdown was based entirely on her desperation to start charging extortionate fees again, she denied it – less than convincingly.

During lockdown, she made clear her own views on Covid and related matters. She made clear she would not take a Covid-19 vaccine before it was invented. She doesn’t like 5G much either. So presumably, she won’t be happy to discover that 51st State Festival are now demanding a negative Covid test, vaccine status or evidence of recent infection to gain entry.

Her name is listed in the biggest font size on their promotional material…

It’s unclear whether 51st State Festival is enforcing the same entrance policy on the DJs, singers and artists who will entertain the crowds on the day – they have been contacted for clarification on this.

All the same, it creates an interesting dilemma for Wants. If the entrance policy does apply, she’ll have to do a lateral flow test to gain entry – assuming she’s stuck to her vaccine stance, of course. Which means she would be “complying”, to use her own word, which undermines her own stance.

And if the entrance policy does not apply to DJs and the rest, it creates a two-tier situation. Will Wants cancel her appearance in protest at the policy she sees as being inflicted on her fans? Or are we about to discover the real reason she gets ratty when asked if she’s motivated by money is because the allegation is true?

And she cannot even vent her spleen due to the knowledge that her new employers at Kiss FM are keeping a close eye on those tweets of hers.

Principles or money – which is it to be, Hannah?

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.