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Yousef, Simon Dunmore and Hannah Wants all walk into a bar – and thanks to Twitter, we can see exactly how that conversation would go…

Dear oh dear. There are so many people in the world of house music who can’t see the wood for the trees these days. It’s getting to the point now where it might just be easier to stick them all on a large plane and leave them in a forest to get on with things.

Yousef must have been reading this blog again. You see, he’s finally cottoned onto the fact the modern music machine has a rather large component missing – the bit where they support new music, to create tomorrow’s classics. This is the main reason why I’ve effectively given up making music – no matter how good they are, you’re at the mercy of streaming platforms who care only about the majors.

Yousef’s comments, in turn, have been spotted by Defected boss Simon Dunmore – think of a wannabe Uncle Albert from Only Fools and Horses, only with less facial hair. He responded by complaining “There are too many template, formula productions. Records need hooks & musicality to have longevity. Those 2 elements are sadly lacking, not only in the music being made….but music being played”.

He’s not entirely wrong – but once again, Dunmore fails to see the wood for the trees. Who owns a record label which repeatedly releases remixes of songs from its own archive? Who owns a record label which has been on a buying spree in the past few years, snapping up historical house labels in the process? That would be you, Simon…

Hannah Wants then decides she wants to say something. Has she got a well argued and reasonably constructed argument which could add a new perspective to this discussion? Er, not exactly. Instead, she uses it as an opportunity for an utterly shameless plug to try and get her own track signed to Defected…

Yes, in a discussion about how to increase the longevity of house music nowadays, Wants has nothing to offer but spam. And rest assured Defected’s demo emails account today will now offer a lot more of the same after this, in the end, almost pointless debate…

Is this why she wanted the clubs to reopen? Hannah Wants’s own company’s income nosedived during lockdown – but her holdings company has fared up well…

Over the next few months, the real impact that the pandemic has had on people and their companies is going to become very clear. Companies House – the UK’s official registrar of companies – is a good place to find this information. Those who appear on the list must file regular accounts, with only very limited exceptions in law.

And those accounts for 2020 are starting to appear now. One of those is for Hannah Wants. Earlier this year, she was an extremely vocal supporter of Save Our Scene UK, a movement which held an event in London which she participated in. A number of people at the time speculated money was the reason – a claim Wants denied at the time.

She claimed to have “lost a ton of money” – something which is borne out in the latest accounts for Hannah Wants Ltd to appear on Companies House. As of 31st October 2019, the company had net assets of £624,166. Twelve months later, this had nosedived down to £61,768 – a drop of 90% in just a year.

However, it’s not all bad news. Her other company, Wants Holdings Ltd had assets of £318,100 as of October 2019. At the end of October 2020, this had risen quite substantially – going up to £770,163. This is an increase of 142% on the previous year.

How does this compare against other DJs at a similar position? Well, this blog will be reporting on that over the next few months. Time to see how much the pandemic has really affected big names in the scene in the pocket…

Things That Dance People Think About, an occasional column: Hannah Wants makes a fruity disclosure…

As I mentioned earlier today, this blog covers stories that range from the deadly serious to the ridiculous. And here’s one which manages to cover a bit of both, weirdly enough.

As I mentioned a while ago, most DJs are notoriously bad communicators. There’s little point asking them for their views on things going in the world – in the case of the bigger names, they know full well there’s a whole team of people who have to clean things up whenever they do speak out, so they don’t.

Hence why the best that Save Our Scene UK could get for their temper tantrum was Judge Jules to deliver a speech which was as rousing as it was dull. And Jules is one of the better communicators in the scene, as anyone familiar with his lyrical metaphors from his old Radio 1 shows can testify.

And elsewhere, the most gripping thing Hannah Wants can say to her 77,000 followers on Twitter is…

Heaven help us.

As 51st State announce vaccine status or negative test will be needed to get in, will Hannah Wants exercise her principles – or does she happily “comply” for a fat pay cheque?

Hannah Wants gets very ratty with people who suggest that her views are motivated by money. When someone claimed her stance on lockdown was based entirely on her desperation to start charging extortionate fees again, she denied it – less than convincingly.

During lockdown, she made clear her own views on Covid and related matters. She made clear she would not take a Covid-19 vaccine before it was invented. She doesn’t like 5G much either. So presumably, she won’t be happy to discover that 51st State Festival are now demanding a negative Covid test, vaccine status or evidence of recent infection to gain entry.

Her name is listed in the biggest font size on their promotional material…

It’s unclear whether 51st State Festival is enforcing the same entrance policy on the DJs, singers and artists who will entertain the crowds on the day – they have been contacted for clarification on this.

All the same, it creates an interesting dilemma for Wants. If the entrance policy does apply, she’ll have to do a lateral flow test to gain entry – assuming she’s stuck to her vaccine stance, of course. Which means she would be “complying”, to use her own word, which undermines her own stance.

And if the entrance policy does not apply to DJs and the rest, it creates a two-tier situation. Will Wants cancel her appearance in protest at the policy she sees as being inflicted on her fans? Or are we about to discover the real reason she gets ratty when asked if she’s motivated by money is because the allegation is true?

And she cannot even vent her spleen due to the knowledge that her new employers at Kiss FM are keeping a close eye on those tweets of hers.

Principles or money – which is it to be, Hannah?

Hannah Wants gets ratty with someone asking if her lockdown stance is motivated by money – but one question: is it true, and does it matter anyway?

The Save Our Scene UK temper tantrum took place on Sunday, with a selection of DJs you might have heard of alongside a selection of DJs you probably haven’t. We also had Judge Jules – a great grandad in DJ terms – to deliver a less than eloquent speech.

One of the names in the “might have heard of” category – because she’s been around for a while now – is Hannah Wants. Born in Birmingham in 1986, she attended her first rave in 2002 and was hooked onto dance music since. In a past life, she was a professional footballer, involved with the England women’s team for over 10 years. She became a full time DJ from 2010.

She also gets quite rattled when anyone dares suggest the reason she wants lockdown restrictions removed is so she can make more money. Wants told one Twitter user that “I’ve lost a ton of money but if you’re implying that’s the cause or reason for my views then you’re wrong”. But is there any truth in this theory?

Taking a look under her real name of Hannah Alicia Smith on Companies House, she appears to own three companies – Hannah Wants Ltd, Freasley Management Company and Wants Holdings Limited. As of October 31st 2019, Hannah Wants Ltd had £624,166 of net assets – down notably on the £891,463 from the year before.

Freasley Management Company has been dormant for several years now and currently has no money in the bank. And Wants Holdings Limited had just over £318,000 in reserve as of October 2019. Bear in mind these are all pre-pandemic figures – and given what industry she works in, it’s highly plausible the bank balances for these companies will have been dented by the pandemic.

Wants is certainly not in a unique position here. Many other DJs will have seen their incomes hit, and I wouldn’t blame her in the least if she wanted to start earning again – everyone has bills to pay. But she might wish to heed the advice of an insider at Kiss FM, the station which recently hired her for a regular Saturday night show.

According to this insider, Kiss FM have received a few complaints since news of her appointment was made public – mostly due to her anti-vaxxer views. He said “Bosses are keeping quiet for now, but they do take notice of these things. I don’t know if she’s been spoken to about it. They’re keeping an eye on the situation – and that includes what she puts out on social media.”.

This might explain why she’s toned down her usual boisterous messages on Twitter…