On Tuesday, I made your morning just that little bit more rubbish by showing you the latest from the Trax Records stable – a cover of “You Used To Hold Me” as sung by label boss “Screamin” Rachael Cain. However, one or two of you got in touch to ask me what I was talking about in regards to Derrick Carter’s ham sandwich. So I thought I’d explain.

Now, I was hoping to simply be able to bring up the original story, as told by Derrick Carter himself. Unfortunately, several searches online have brought up no results – so I’ll try and narrate the story as best as I remember it.

In the early 90s, Carter paid a visit to the Trax Records headquarters, which also doubled up as a vinyl recycling and pressing plant. He had taken some tapes with him in the hope that then label boss Larry Sherman would be interested and offer him a deal.

Whilst heading up the building into Sherman’s office, he got to see the vinyl plant with his own eyes. The stories about how Trax operated had circulated for years, but little was know about what was true. And he distinctly remembered old vinyl records being broken up, but not particularly precisely – bits of paper were still left stuck onto the vinyl that was put into these large bins.

Anyway, Carter eventually made it up to Sherman’s office. The two reportedly got on pretty well. Sherman did like what Carter played him, but didn’t sign up any of his records. He did, however, tell him to keep producing and to try again in the future.

After leaving the office, Carter was feeling a little hungry and took a ham sandwich out of his pocket. Not being particularly enamoured with the flavour of the sandwich, he chucked a large potion of it inside the aforementioned bins full of vinyl due for recycling.

Hence why I said someone, somewhere, probably has a Trax vinyl out there with the remnants of Derrick Carter’s ham sandwich in it…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.