Ever since I saw Derrick May’s name on that Club Shelter flyer for their 30th birthday party, I knew it was suspect. Everything with Derrick May’s name on it is suspect. And it’s even more suspect when his name is on the first flyer and subsequently removed.

I had a strong suspicion that May was still playing. The people who run Club Shelter refused to answer my questions when I reached out to ask for confirmation of whether he had indeed been removed. This secrecy contrasts vastly with the Detroit Historical Society, for example, who were very open in their communication at the time he was due to speak at their event.

I now have it confirmed from more sources than I can shake a stick at that this is nothing more than a ruse. Derrick May is still playing at their party next month – and more surprisingly, I have discovered when the likes of myself started writing about this, it turns out he personally phoned Club Shelter to request his name was removed.

My understanding is that Timmy Regisford agreed to the change being made, despite some initial reluctance. A source near the club tells me that Regisford feels “deeply sorry for Derrick’s difficulties. He believes that his race makes Derrick an easy target for these allegations, and that he thinks they’re false. It’s like he feels the need to stand by his black brother”.

If that’s what motivates Regisford, heaven only knows what drives on May’s other long time friend, François Kevorkian – who is understood to have played a role in getting May this gig. Kevorkian, as I’ve mentioned before, is also a moderator on several Facebook groups about techno – ensuring that none of the allegations about his friend ever end up being discussed there.

More and more, it looks like the techno fraternity has made its choice. Instead of casting Derrick May out into the cold, they wish to welcome him back. As so far as strategies go, choosing one which has the potential to be the worst PR disaster the scene has seen in years is a pretty dumb move…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.