Leadership is something desperately lacking in the night life world. There are few out there speaking out on behalf of this, aside from the likes of the awful Sacha Lord. This is one reason why the Government got away with treating nightclubs with contempt during the pandemic.

It seems to me the only way to get night life open safely is to get the Covid vaccine. This is important to reduce your own chances of catching the virus and to protect that minority who cannot currently receive it. Is it perfect? No. Do we have any other solution right now? Also no.

Amidst this lack of leadership, I think DJs should stand up and be counted. It takes courage to face down anti-vaxxers, but it must be done. People like Danny Rampling and Osunlade are engaging in dangerous, irresponsible behaviour and should be held to account for it. It’s the likes of them which feed a culture where taking a pill with unknown ingredients inside is normal, but taking a vaccine with a full list of ingredients is a bad idea.

Which is why I’m delighted to see Carl Cox showing how it should be done. Yesterday, he appeared in a video for the official YouTube account of the NHS. Amidst a plan to introduce vaccine passports for nightclubs next month in England, his intervention is very sensible indeed.

Now let’s see some leadership from the younger generation too…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.