Over the past week or so, I’ve seen this programme being promoted quite heavily on social media. Which is ironic, because the show itself is much longer than anything normally being pushed on the networks – 93 minutes long, to be precise. There are shorter films out there!

The programme is hosted on the International Music Summit channel on YouTube and is called “Part 1: Co-Existing With Covid”. More episodes are due to follow in the future.

I just hope they have better names – the inclusion of the word “co-existing” makes my heart sink a little bit. During this pandemic, this phrase has depressingly been hijacked by people who really want to say “I want to get back to doing what I want, I don’t really care if more people get sick”.

Last night, I decided to actually watch the programme – possibly so that you don’t have to. But as much as I’d like to write a scathing review, I really cannot. The debate on the show is actually quite good. Whilst there isn’t exactly much in the way of disagreement going on here,  this might not be a bad thing for once.

And seeing the likes of Carl Cox, Yousef and Pete Tong all talking to each other here is quite unique. These three between them have well over a century of experience of DJing – and their perspectives on matters are undoubtedly interesting.

But one thought did come to mind before I watched the programme – and even afterwards, it continued to linger. These are three very rich men. Carl Cox is reportedly worth $18million. Pete Tong is even richer, being worth around $30million.

Yousef’s net worth is harder to calculate, but his business interests elsewhere suggest he’s got quite a bit of money behind him too. I cannot shake the feeling that these DJs just want to get back to work and make lots more money.

In a way, I don’t blame them. Being a DJ at the higher echelons isn’t cheap. The bigger DJs don’t just employ a manager, they employ a whole team of people to keep the show on the road. The DJ might well be hoovering in a truly ridiculous fee, but chances are they’re not keeping a large chunk of it for themselves. But I don’t think any of this makes them qualified to comment on how we “co-exist” with a virus which can still be dangerous.

And as for Michael Kill of the Night Time Industries Association? Let’s just say I’ve made my distaste at this organisation clear in the past…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.