Resident Advisor have an amazing exclusive on their site today. It appears that Scotland has now reopened after being closed for almost two whole years. And somehow, no one in Scotland or indeed the UK noticed. Indeed, it took one of RA’s cohort of American writers to bring us this astonishing news.

Yes, this is seriously the standard which Resident Advisor have stooped to. Under their new, distinctly underwhelming editor Whitney Wei, they can’t even get the bits before the actual article right. It begs the question of what on earth they’re all doing all day, frankly.

As the editor of this site, I’m gobsmacked such a fail could happen at a website with all their staff, resources and money. Most of the headlines I write undergo several revisions before publication – to make sure they reflect the story as accurately as possible. Such checks don’t seem to exist at Resident Advisor.

Not to mention the fact the story is late by some 24 hours. I reported that Scottish nightclubs were due to reopen on August 3rd – a whole week ago. I also reported at the same time about Welsh nightclubs reopening, as well as Northern Ireland’s nightclubs not reopening. The latter two have not been covered by Resident Advisor at all.

It tells you something when a one-man band is able to get news out faster – and more accurately – than a website with all their employees and resources, doesn’t it?

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.