This coming Bank Holiday weekend, the Creamfields festival looks set to return after having an unexpected year off. It’ll be in Daresbury in the north west of England. It all begins on Thursday 26th August and those going can expect sets from deadmau5, Carl Cox, Eric Prydz, MK, Yousef and heaps of others.

They can also expect to see Chester Police irritating people – and by the looks of things, they’ve already started. You see, they have an official Twitter account specifically about matters relating to Creamfields and have done since 2013. Currently, they’re getting people’s backs up by telling you what’ll happen if you turn up with something you probably shouldn’t.

There’s another tweet talking about their teams being sent to check for “suspicious activity”. This comes complete with a picture of an empty plastic box – the sort you might put some packed lunch in – yet they refuse to tell you what was in the box, thus rendering the whole exercise a complete waste of time.

But here’s where it gets particularly crazy. See this tweet.

Yes, they’re seriously deploying firearms officers at a festival. Anyone would be half forgiven for thinking this year’s festival is taking place at Kabul Airport. And they’ve got a drone as well, apparently.

Does anyone else suspect Chester Police are engaged in more than a little sausage waving here – and I don’t mean of the piggy variety?

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.