Do they use the same publicist as Diplo? Sacha Lord’s Warehouse Project FINALLY speak out about what happened at the club two weeks ago – and it quickly became a PR disaster…

Two weeks ago, a 20-year old man died at the Warehouse Project after taking drugs. The club made no comment on their social media pages, something which irked me on the Sunday after it happened – and irked me even more the following week. Nearly two weeks later, Warehouse Project have finally said something.

So here’s the statement for anyone who fancies reading it. Take your time – it really is as bad as it looks…

It turns out that more happened that night than was first reported. It’s unclear whether the two events are linked – I’ll leave it up to Greater Manchester Police to work that out. But it turns out a 21-year old and a 20-year old were stabbed just outside the venue on the same evening.

And here’s where things get rather farcical. Because the pond life who carried out the stabbings were refused entry into the club by security earlier in the evening – yet still managed to get in anyway. How on earth did they give security the slip? And how the hell did they get those knives into the building when it has security and a police presence outside?

Someone somewhere has got big questions to answer here. I’ll let the police get on with working that out – although they might have a few awkward questions of their own to answer. But firstly, I must query whether Warehouse Project uses the same publicist as the one who advised Diplo to publish a long, rambling statement on his social media yesterday. That person might want to find their new calling in life…

Now who’d have thought you couldn’t take a piddle on the Peelers? Idiot given 16-week suspended sentence after trying to urinate on a police officer at a plague rave…

This week, the dance music press have tried once again to downplay the effects of plague raves, with this article making an appearance in DJ Mag during the week. As I’ve explained before, the reason the dance music press rarely talks about this subject is because many who advertise with them would prefer it wasn’t discussed.

And because several of the dance magazines are far closer to bankruptcy than any of them will admit, they have little choice but listen to the people with the buying power – whose finances remain largely undisturbed by the pandemic. So on the rare occasion the subject is covered, it’s done so on dodgy grounds.

Like this case. A seemingly charmless 26-year old man attended a plague rave in July last year. When police arrived to close the illegal gathering down, he climbed on top of the van with the sound system in it and started urging the roughly 200 people present to ignore them. And having then apparently decided he needed a pee, he proceeded to urinate at one of the officers. Thankfully for the officer, he missed.

When the matter was in front of Lynn Magistrates’ Court in Norfolk, Dean Kirk pleaded guilty to five counts of assault of an emergency worker, threatening behaviour, criminal damage and failure to leave land being used for a rave. He got a 16-month jail sentence suspended for 18 months.

There’s a jibe to be made here about the justice system taking the p*** with that derisory sentence…

Hat tip to the Eastern Daily Press for this story.

Which is the more shocking story here: Priti Patel justifying extra powers for police using dodgy data – or Mixmag doing good journalism for once?

It would be churlish of me not to start this Wednesday by saying I’m mightily impressed with Mixmag’s latest scoop. It’s a good one, gathered using freedom of information requests – politicians and the public sector hate them, but judges keep coming down against them- and an old-fashioned pursuit of journalism. You can read it here.

It’s impressive. They’ve discovered that the Home Secretary Priti Patel used a dodgy methodology which essentially consisted of double counting, triple counting and the rest to justify increasing police powers against illegal raves in England and Wales last year. Scotland and Northern Ireland have different arrangements due to devolution.

On August 28th last year, Priti Patel wrote in the Daily Telegraph that the Metropolitan Police had stopped around 1000 illegal raves since June. If this covered a period of 90 days, this would mean around 11 per day. And sure enough, this figure was complete nonsense.

The Metropolitan Police refuse to release the actual number – which suggests to me this is a worse scandal than they’re currently owning up to. But what remains unanswered right now is where this all started.

Did Priti Patel misinterpret the number and it gained a life of its own after she published it? Was the one thousand figure supplied by the police and in what context? Or is this a deliberate attempt by the establishment to lie in order to get what they want?

Somehow, I don’t think this one is finished just yet…

Creamfields will be patrolled by police dogs, firearms officers, hidden coppers and even a drone in the sky – is this year’s venue the sleepy English village of Daresbury or Kabul Airport?

This coming Bank Holiday weekend, the Creamfields festival looks set to return after having an unexpected year off. It’ll be in Daresbury in the north west of England. It all begins on Thursday 26th August and those going can expect sets from deadmau5, Carl Cox, Eric Prydz, MK, Yousef and heaps of others.

They can also expect to see Chester Police irritating people – and by the looks of things, they’ve already started. You see, they have an official Twitter account specifically about matters relating to Creamfields and have done since 2013. Currently, they’re getting people’s backs up by telling you what’ll happen if you turn up with something you probably shouldn’t.

There’s another tweet talking about their teams being sent to check for “suspicious activity”. This comes complete with a picture of an empty plastic box – the sort you might put some packed lunch in – yet they refuse to tell you what was in the box, thus rendering the whole exercise a complete waste of time.

But here’s where it gets particularly crazy. See this tweet.

Yes, they’re seriously deploying firearms officers at a festival. Anyone would be half forgiven for thinking this year’s festival is taking place at Kabul Airport. And they’ve got a drone as well, apparently.

Does anyone else suspect Chester Police are engaged in more than a little sausage waving here – and I don’t mean of the piggy variety?

Derrick May and when to know you’re beaten

On the Amateur At Play Facebook page last year and now on here, I wrote many posts about the increasingly pathetic, desperate attempts by Derrick May to salvage something from the ruins his career is in following the allegations of sexual impropriety that surround him.

I was hoping that he’d eventually crawl under a rock in shame. So was Michael James, the brilliant journalist who has exposed many of the claims against him. No such luck. Derrick May and Kyle J Dupuy, Detroit’s answer to Lionel Hutz, are pursuing a defamation case against James, and are not giving it up.

At least not until May’s money starts to run out, eh? Rumours are that could be sooner than the man himself thinks.

Anyway, if you fancy a laugh, take a look at his legal defence. Apparently, this man who has spent over 30 years making heaps of money as an international DJ, who has conducted endless numbers of interviews across newspapers, radio, TV and online, is now a private person.

You couldn’t make this up if you tried, could you?

Am I really the only one wondering this?

Much fuss was made during the Christmas and New Year period over the arrest of techno DJ Sama Abdulhadi. It appears that she was nabbed by the police because of the fact the event was held near a religious shrine, and not because of any Covid-19 related manners.

Be that as it may, has no one thought to ask why anyone thought it was a good idea to do a DJ set near a religious shrine? Anyone with any ounce of sense would know that, whether this event was cleared by the authorities or not, holding an event of this nature in such close proximity to a religious shrine was likely to piss a lot of people off.

How come no one saw this coming? I’m not going as far to say as I have no sympathy for Abdulhadi here, but someone somewhere has got a lot of questions to answer about how they dropped the ball on this one…

It was beautiful until the dog attacked me – a lesson in stupid

Brace yourselves. The stupid is truly strong on this one. Avon and Somerset Police are currently under investigation after a dog bit someone at a plague rave in Bristol on Halloween night.

The person who incurred the wrath of the pooch, who goes by the very middle class name of Jessica Mae Andrew, said of the incident – “I know partying is not the thing to do during a pandemic, but it was beautiful until the dog attacked me.”.

So she went somewhere that she knew she shouldn’t have been to do something she knew she shouldn’t do and suffered the consequences of it. And before I believe it, her protestations that she didn’t do anything provocative are not in the least bit convincing. Police dogs do not attack people just because the notion takes them.

Still, wherever you find stupid, you can find an indulgent journalist who’s willing to give it a platform, especially when it comes with a posh middle class name, eh?

The stupid, it burns!