Signing your track to Defected seems to mean that, at some stage, you have to appear at one of their events. Given Defected is now an events company with a record label at the side, this is hardly surprising. If they’re spending all that money to promote your track, you owe them an appearance or two.

I certainly have no problem with Defected using the artists whose records they’ve signed to promote their events. But I do wonder what’s going through the mind of Cristiano Spiller, the real name of the DJ who simply goes by his surname.

After all, Spiller is probably most well known for his Carol Williams sampling “Groovejet” – but he has done other things. In 2001, he released a song called “Cry Baby” with a remix from Röyksopp. It came out in the UK on Positiva and sounded distinctly Daft Punk. But will the latest generation of clubbers know this?

Will they also be aware of other things he’s done? Aside from putting out a fair few records, he’s also done remixes for the likes of St Germain, Bob Sinclar, Riva Starr and Cerrone. Not exactly a bad discography.

It’s not entirely clear whether Defected have booked him for a DJ set, performance or both – but I understand that Sophie Ellis Bextor is due to appear to sing it. So it doesn’t look like DJ Spiller, as he used to style himself in his early days, will be getting to showcase some of the other things he’s done.

It’s amazing what power a big cheque has on someone…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.