Over the Bank Holiday weekend, footage emerged from a nightclub in the Scottish city of Aberdeen. In it, Cabinet minister Michael Gove was seen making some very interesting moves indeed on the dancefloor – and leading to mischievous suggestions that Cambodian imports weren’t currently under risk.

Well, this blog takes pride in the fact it provides a 7-day service – unlike the dance music press, which rarely bothers to work weekends. Sadly, other people who work 7 days are coronavirus moonbeams. You know the sort – people who think the whole thing is a conspiracy, despite generally being types who can’t even spell the word.

Their latest claim? That Michael Gove was seen in a nightclub – and in around a week’s time, it’ll be revealed he has Covid-19. This will then be used as a cover to introduce vaccine passports – deeply unpopular with many Tory MPs, possibly more popular if one of their own was infected.

Yes. The most incompetent government Britain has seen in decades, and quite possibly ever, has come up with this plan. And they seriously think it will work.

These people never take a day off, do they?

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.