Back in April last year, I’d submitted some tracks for release by a label called 3rd Way. I’ve worked with them several times over the years – and normally, the process was easy. I sent them music, they mastered it and they released it. It was very rarely I was asked to change anything.

Except this time. I was told to change the title of one of the tracks – it referenced the lockdown in place in the UK at the time. I was told “it won’t date well”. At the time, I accepted – but strongly suspected the reason I’d been told to change it was because the label boss had strong views against it.

Not so. It turned out he meant what he said. They don’t date well. Permanently grumpy Northern Irish musician Van Morrison released an album filled with anti-lockdown songs, and it went down badly. Eric Clapton has now put out a song too. If you have heard it, I apologise. If you haven’t, I apologise in advance.

Which brings me to a question – when is Danny Rampling going to release his anti-lockdown, freedom-loving song? This has been going on for over a year now, yet we still have heard a single track from the man himself. And I find it awfully curious why we haven’t.

Seriously, what’s stopping him? He’s had no gigs during lockdown and he’s had time to attend every protest going. He also has time to literally bombard his Instagram followers with countless stories every single day – most of whom are partially or completely false.

Come on, Danny – make it happen. You owe it to your fans. I’ll even review it on the blog for you. And I’ll even try not to take the Mickey Bliss (translation for my readers outside the UK here) out of it too much…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.