Massive Attack are one of the more principled acts out there – although that’s not difficult in a field of about three. I wrote recently about how Robert Del Naja was selling limited edition artwork for £250 a pop to raise money to help the Palestinians.

Sadly, such leadership, principles or even the ability to think of anything beyond their bank balances mean a lot of DJs are utterly incapable of thinking in this way. This is why a certain Danny Rampling was happy doing a gig some years ago in the human rights abusing Dubai. For a man who now frequently talks about the subject, this is a big blot on his record.

Well, Massive Attack have done it again. The ACC in Liverpool was due to hold a gig with the band in the future – the exact date had not been released. However, they found out the ACC were running an event next month for an arms fair – and it appears when Massive Attack told the venue to cancel it, they were basically told to get lost.

Which is the venue’s absolute right. They have the right to hold whatever event they see fit. But consequently, Massive Attack have the right to say they don’t want to do business with the ACC in return – and that’s what has happened.

Back on Monday, this blog published an article about DJs going to Texas, who are currently putting severe restrictions in place on women who seek an abortion. None of the DJs I mentioned has addressed the controversy, and nor have any of them responded to emails from this blog. That tells me all I need to know…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.