Journalists are a curious bunch, aren’t they? I took a look through the list of my email subscribers earlier this week, and discovered something quite astonishing. Several hacks publicly distance themselves from this blog – yet a couple of them also follow it on subscription.

Indeed, one of them blocked this blog’s Twitter account sometime last week, yet receives an email into his work email address every morning with the latest posts in it. Let’s just say this less than charming gentleman is lucky that data protection rules prevent me disclosing who he is…

Anyway, following the incident last week where Annabel Ross – a person who somehow manages to possess even less charm and wit than the aforementioned – invented an allegation of misogyny against this blog, I was contacted by a journalist who claimed he wanted to “help” by offering some “advice”.

Being a polite soul, I let him speak his mind. Maybe, just maybe, there was something here I could learn. It turns out there wasn’t. His “advice”, if you could call it that, was to “keep your head down and stay away from controversial subjects”.

Yes, he seriously suggested that a blog whose tagline is “writing the stuff about dance music that others won’t” steers clear of any topics which could upset the apple cart. I should “write in a more formal way and show more respect” – oh, and “you’re not going to get interviewed by Mixmag if you keep having a go at them”.

This is clearly not someone who has ever read a single post from this site. A village called – they want their idiot back…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.