Carl Craig’s social media feeds are a strange place. His Twitter page is locked, saying it’s for “members only”, though occasional rambling tweets do leak out. But his prime outlet is Instagram, where he frequently posts silly memes on his stories.

These stories clearly give us an insight into his sense of humour. But what they rarely do is provide a clue as to his views and opinions on the world. We know he thinks taking your Covid-19 vaccine is important – something which led to him and anti-vaxxer Derrick May having a row lately – but not much else.

One subject Carl Craig is especially reluctant to talk about is policing. Which may be explained by the fact James Craig has a long career in the police force and is now hoping to become the next governor of Michigan. Who is James Craig, you may ask? Only Carl Craig’s cousin, of course.

James Craig’s campaign to become the governor of Michigan isn’t going to be easy, by the looks of it. His background in policing – dating all the way back to 1977 – looks set to be used as an asset by supporters and as a baton to beat him over the head with by critics and movements such as Detroit Will Breathe. Here’s how the Detroit News covered an earlier appearance this week…

Polls indicate the race between Craig and incumbent Gretchen Whitmer is very tight – with typically only one or two points in it. So perhaps an appearance by a celebrity who can appeal to voters the Republican candidate in the city might struggle to reach on his own – that could be the boost the James Craig campaign needs to get him over the line, right?

I wonder if Carl Craig would be willing to help out his relative…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.