Time for a quick follow-up to a story which I published yesterday morning – ahead of several of the dance music press, including Resident Advisor. As you might have noticed, I wasn’t terribly nice about the way the Dreadbox Nymphes was being marketed, saying its claim to soothe the pain of abused women with each note played was “moronic”.

As with many other posts on this blog, I approached Dreadbox with a request for comment. I happen to believe if someone is going to write about you, especially in unflattering terms, you have a right to respond. There has still been no response at the time of publishing this morning – but I did notice Resident Advisor got a reply…

Dimitra Manthou, cofounder at Dreadbox, told them only cis white men were annoyed – my inbox on this tells me otherwise – and also said “We did not want to use the abused women to boost sales. That’s why we did not say that a percentage of the proceeds will go to charity. We will make a donation, as we always do. And we do not want to advertise this.” – having literally just advertised it five seconds earlier.

They don’t get it, do they? This is a PR disaster they’ve stumbled into. It seems to be a bit of a theme this week – Mark Knight failed to acknowledge the elephant in the room after a sickening post in which he called Erick Morillo “my friend”.

Instead of accepting they’ve communicated appallingly badly and explaining how they support abused women, Manthou has simply whinged it’s only white men giving them a hard time about this. Dreadbox can’t see the wood from the trees on this one…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.