This blog occasionally makes fun of Judge Jules – who has now been DJing for around 700 years – but I feel a lot of sympathy for his current plight. Anyone who visits his official Facebook page or his Judge Won’t Budge group on the same site will notice some highly unusual posts going up over the past few days.

And if they seem out of character, that’s because they are. They’ve been hacked. So instead of the usual posts telling everyone about his Saturday night shows or giving us a glimpse into the daily life of Judge Jules, we’ve been treated to… well, stuff like this.

As much as I hope Jules gets his Facebook page and group back in his control very soon – he disclosed on Instagram that they’re working on it – his chances of having it back in the near future are almost zero. Todd Terry had his page hacked back in March and only re-acquired it recently.

Unless you know someone personally who works at Facebook or are a member of the press with a sizeable following, the social media platform seems utterly indifferent to the plight of those whose pages are stolen from them. And that’s not the only similarity I see at work here.

The content which this hacker is posting on Jules’s social platforms is very similar in style to what appeared on Todd Terry’s page for several months. Which leads me to wonder – was it the same person or organisation who perpetrated both of these attacks?

It’s starting to look a lot like it to me. The question is when will the likes of Facebook take this problem seriously?

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.