As this Sunday morning begins, Club Shelter find themselves largely being spared from the bruising criticism that now inevitably comes with booking Derrick May. Largely because although it turns out he did not play at the club’s 30th birthday party on Friday night, what the hell was he doing on the bill in the first place?

What remains unclear today is what actually happened in the end. I decided to reach out to some sources and as always, they’ve turned up with some interesting information. One told me “Derrick’s been very quiet of late – not just about this, but about everything. He’s got a new spring in his step and keeps saying he’ll be vindicated soon.”.

However, a rumour which I reported on recently continues to persist in the background – and it has got somewhat louder of late. According to a source who has links with Club Shelter, “some of the bigger name DJs made clear they didn’t want to appear on the same bill as Derrick May. Two of them threatened to walk out if he even turned up at the building. Regisford wasn’t happy, but he relented – in this climate, everyone needs every ticket sale they can get.”.

Even more curious was the claim by my source that “one of these DJs told me over dinner weeks ago he thought what happened to May was really unfair. Yet he was the one leading the rebellion!”.

Sadly, he wouldn’t tell me who it was…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.