This week, the dance music press have tried once again to downplay the effects of plague raves, with this article making an appearance in DJ Mag during the week. As I’ve explained before, the reason the dance music press rarely talks about this subject is because many who advertise with them would prefer it wasn’t discussed.

And because several of the dance magazines are far closer to bankruptcy than any of them will admit, they have little choice but listen to the people with the buying power – whose finances remain largely undisturbed by the pandemic. So on the rare occasion the subject is covered, it’s done so on dodgy grounds.

Like this case. A seemingly charmless 26-year old man attended a plague rave in July last year. When police arrived to close the illegal gathering down, he climbed on top of the van with the sound system in it and started urging the roughly 200 people present to ignore them. And having then apparently decided he needed a pee, he proceeded to urinate at one of the officers. Thankfully for the officer, he missed.

When the matter was in front of Lynn Magistrates’ Court in Norfolk, Dean Kirk pleaded guilty to five counts of assault of an emergency worker, threatening behaviour, criminal damage and failure to leave land being used for a rave. He got a 16-month jail sentence suspended for 18 months.

There’s a jibe to be made here about the justice system taking the p*** with that derisory sentence…

Hat tip to the Eastern Daily Press for this story.

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.