The world has suffered terribly over the past year and a half. Since coronavirus first appeared, over 200 million cases of the virus have been officially confirmed and over four and a half million have perished. It has had huge effects on the economy, on jobs, on education, on health systems and it will continue to.

Winter is coming to the northern hemisphere soon and no one knows for certain exactly what is ahead. Many countries appear to be experiencing significant jumps in the cost of living and a lot of things remain uncertain. So it’s at times like this that music can come into its own and really help people’s frame of mind.

Unfortunately, life is about to get worse before it gets better with the odd news that Steve Aoki and Armin Van Buuren have collaborated to make a truly dreadful record. Given Van Buuren’s background where he actually had to work his way up the ranks in the mid-90s, I can only assume his bank balance has been slightly depleted by the pandemic.

Such is the only explanation I can think of for working with the cake-wielding DJ that is Steve Aoki. Turn the volume down – this really hurts the ears when turned up – and tell me in the comments you honestly think this isn’t crap.

Music means money forever, more like…

By The Editor

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