With only 12 days to go, promotion for Dance For Stevie goes into overdrive – but what were they thinking when they chose THAT picture of Simon Dunmore?

Tickets are here for anyone who wants to go. If you don’t or can’t, fundraiser’s here…

With just under two weeks to go until Dance For Stevie takes place at the Ministry of Sound, the publicity machine has gone into overdrive. And all for a good cause – it’s to raise money for expensive home adaptions so Stevie Laviniere can live there. The full story is something I’ve covered before.

Part of the extra publicity has been to give individual DJs their own customised version of the flyer with information on who’s appearing. At the time of writing, only a few of them have made an appearance – some DJs might have decided not to use them, others might just not have used them yet. The customised versions show their picture on the right hand side and their name in larger text.

Here’s the version Simon Dunmore, the Defected label boss, is using.

Good grief. At the time of writing, it remains unclear whether Dunmore suggested this picture himself or if it was merely supplied to him. But all the same, was there really not a more flattering photo of the man himself available?

He looks like he’s posing for some kind of statue – and that he’s starting to lose his patience with the sculptor…

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