A lot of people in dance music work in the shadows. And they prefer it that way – there are few things they hate more than sunlight, and I mean that in a few different ways. Earlier this year, a plague rave DJ contacted me to give his side of events and answer some of my questions on the subject. Once his agency found out about it, they weren’t best pleased.

Their legal threats in my direction appear to have gone away – largely because they’ve got problems elsewhere. They’re currently being sued over a super spreader event they held in Tulum where a large number of people caught Covid-19 as a result. This case is likely to be in front of the courts soon, so I can’t comment further – but there is one case I can tell you a little about…

The agency in question have recently reached an out of court settlement over a legal action in the USA. The gentleman in question attended an event they held in the country during 2020 – which the aforementioned plague rave DJ attended, by the way – and caught coronavirus. He spent three weeks in hospital as a result. Contact tracers were able to establish almost beyond doubt he caught it at the event in question.

He’s now been given a five-figure sum of money to basically keep quiet about the whole thing. Word is that the agency’s solicitors advised they could challenge the case, but that there was a high risk the gamble could backfire – so they made a generous out-of-court offer and it was accepted.

These people have no morals…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.