Time for a little bit of Danny Rampling on a Monday. What’s he been up to lately? Well, it appears that last weekend, he did a rave in the middle of nowhere – or a “secret woods free party gathering”, as he chose to call it.

Rampling managed to put quite the spin on his weekend, describing it as a “magical gathering in the woods under the stars. Back to primal ancestral roots” – apparently unaware of the fact that in ancestral times, electricity had yet to be discovered and CDJs had yet to be invented. Then again, anyone who visits Rampling’s page – and this blog only does it so you don’t have to – will be well aware of a cavalier disregard for facts and accuracy…


It all reminds me of an article I published back in July, claiming his outspoken stance on Covid was spooking promoters who were becoming increasingly reluctant to book him. Whilst the threat of vaccine passports in England has receded – for now, at least – it doesn’t appear to have changed the situation much.

A friend of Rampling spoke to me last week, and I couldn’t resist the temptation to ask. He simply replied with “Let’s just say the phone isn’t ringing much”…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.