Will we soon see dealers selling Technics turntables out of plastic bags in dark alleys for crazy amounts of money ? Probably not – but the worldwide situation is now causing a shortage of DJ equipment…

Supply and demand is a concept which is probably as old as time itself. It’s quite simple – low supply and high demand equals high prices. Chances are that even the cavemen understood this principle thousands of years ago and it still applies just as much today, if even more so. Humans really haven’t advanced that much, you know…

Now the world appears to be starting to emerge from the pandemic, supply problems are hitting all over the place. I noticed this a while ago when I observed the substitutions list from my online supermarket shop was getting bigger each week – that seems to have eased now, but appeared elsewhere. A former drug dealer spoke to me recently and told me “It’s all s***e on the market these days – getting hold of proper drugs is a f***ing nightmare” – something which this blog has covered previously.

Over the past week or so, major towns and cities across Britain have been suffering from panic buying of petrol and diesel due to a shortage of HGV drivers to do deliveries in some areas. And now, via DJ Tech Tools, I discover what the latest thing to be hit by the shortage is – DJ equipment.

An earth shattering revelation? Admittedly not. But if you soon a website claiming to have DJ equipment sourced through not entirely legal methods flogging headphone jacks for £600 – when you could buy the exact same item from Amazon for £2.99 – don’t say your favourite blog didn’t warn you…

Thanks to DJ Tech Tools for making me aware of this one…

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