Which up and coming female DJ recently put another, older male DJ in his place recently? The woman in question has slowly but steadily making inroads into house music over the past few years and is starting to get noticed by the big venues.

The story goes that she recently went to do a set at a venue in London. The show went well, and she was backstage afterwards packing up and getting ready to go home when a male DJ of many years happened to walk past.

They both started talking and all was well at first – until the male DJ started talking about how he could help her to get a lot more gigs. Upon revealing his belief that the best way to get more work was to sleep with him, the lady in question responded with as much dignity to this undignified situation which she could muster.

She kicked him in the nether regions and told him never to “try that s*** on me again”. And the story also goes he was walking with a bit of a hobble in the days afterwards…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.