Amidst a barrage of criticism circulating online towards Playground Festival, the organisers have chosen to say nothing – but is it because they saw this coming?

Yesterday morning, this blog reported on comments made by Optimo (Escapio) about what they perceived to be the shambles of Glasgow’s Playground Festival.  And I wasn’t the only one. A number of Scottish media outlets covered the story, including The Scottish Sun and STV News – although curiously, none of the dance music outlets have covered this one…

I was under the impression that Playground Festival were just ignoring me as they still haven’t answered my email. I was wrong – they’re ignoring everybody. Not just the press, not just mischievous bloggers like myself, but their own irate customers. Social media is currently filled with all kinds of complaints about the festival, including the fact a number of big acts cancelled their appearances with very little advance notice.

Then again, perhaps Brian Traynor – the promoter behind Playground Festival – was already expecting criticism. On Tuesday, before all this kicked off, he wrote on Instagram that “It’s so easy to jump on social media and criticise when things don’t go to plan, to overlook the efforts from staff that have been working long shifts in difficult conditions or not to truly understand the skilled technical abilities of production teams that consistently deliver to high standards with no room for error, but people’s kind words today have made it all worthwhile.”.

The words aren’t quite so kind now, are they Brian? Come out and defend yourself…

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