I frequently deride the dance music press on this blog. I believe they steer clear of certain subjects because it clashes with their commercial interests. I believe they’re terrible at holding people to account when they’ve done wrong, and I believe they don’t do their jobs properly.

And I know there are journalists out there who agree with me. I can see them signed up to my email subscription list – why would they stick around if they thought I was talking rubbish? But one thing I also don’t believe is that there was some kind of golden age to dance music journalism.

It was probably better in the past – mostly because I question if it could be worse – but there was no mythical era when it was amazing. It was always on the more reverential, unquestioning side. And when they did try to call someone’s out, they occasionally resorted to some rather distasteful ways of doing it. Such as this, which the long defunct Muzik Magazine published in 1999…

Somehow, I think the editors at the likes of Mixmag and Resident Advisor wouldn’t approve the introduction of such a feature…

Thanks to the Muzik Magazine bot for this story.

By The Editor

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