With there being no less than 52 acts currently billed to appear, a total of 11 hours between 2pm and 1am and 4 rooms available for use, no one can really feign surprise at the fact the set times for this weekend’s Dance For Stevie event are rather short. Indeed, the majority of those DJing will only be doing so for 30 minutes.

And the only notable exceptions to this rule appear to be the likes of David Morales – now bunion-free, by the way – who is presumably flying into the UK to do a 90 minute set. DJ Spen and Terry Hunter are on the same bill and receive an hour each. Oddly enough for someone who writes a blog about dance music, clubbing isn’t really my thing – but I’d absolutely love to be there on Sunday. But such is life.

However, spare a thought today for poor old Booker T. Well, maybe not so much old. He previously pulled out of the Beautiful People festival in August claiming that a 30 minute set showed a lack of respect for him – and made sure everyone knew exactly what he thought in the process…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.